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Charitable Trust in Hosur 

Anbu Seivom Foundations , a charitable trust by Mrs. Gowri G was executed on 11th April 2019 in Hosur. Anbu Seivom aims to take active interest in the Education,Women empowerment,Civil, Social and normal welfare of the youth community to develop the socio-economic status of the needy and assist them to get good standard of education and many such Socio-Economic activities. We are also helping transgender, Autism child, old age people and the people who are in need of help. Visit services page to know all our services.

PAYIL AGAM in Tribal Village - A Small Initiative by us Today, for the Better Tomorrow                              


Payil Agam in Tribal Village 

The challenge in providing quality education in hilly and tribal areas is the current educational structures, even when properly implemented, may not meet the needs of students in such areas. “Payilagam” is the modest answer for a tuition center process that may support the steps to enhance primary education qualities. In order to provide sufficient support to enhance the quality of education for tribal children, it is much better to select Krishnagiri District’s tribal villages as they are located in critical places where transport is not adequate as well as the family income. Hence it is decided to focus on the tuition centers to provide support for the tribe children's education initially. Krishnagiri district has about 250 tribal villages and 10 villages were selected for this initial process where there are tribes that are literally very poor.

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Help the needy!

Your small help makes huge difference in someone's life." Everyone can't get Everything". If we join our hands together we can do something with great love and someone gets something from that which may be a special gift in their lifetime.

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Educate Transgender

Help Transgender to Educate

Stop Child Labor

Help them to go School

Ensure Nutrition

Help children get proper nutrition

Our Vision 

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Our Ultimate aim is to help the needy with food, shelter and Education irrespective of their sex, age, color, personality etc..,To identify the socio-economic conditions and need of the vulnerable sections, laborers in organized and unorganized sectors, consumers, women, children, orphans, aged sick, physically, visually, and mentally challenged and all unsecured section of Indian Society. To establish, maintain, run, develop and sponsor Schools, Teacher Training Schools, Colleges, Research Institutions, Universities, Polytechnics, Professional Institution, Industrial Schools, Medical and Medical Research foundations serving for the unit of the society without the differentiation of Castes, Religion and Language. To render and extend all possible helps for the Slum, Street and Abused children.

AIDS Patient & Children

To help AIDS affected patient as well as children with medical assistance.

Autism Children

To ensure special care ,good Hospitality and Education to Autism children


4R (Rescue, Relief,Resettlement & Rehabilitation) at the time of Natural calamities.

Orphanage & Child Care

Built or manage orphanage, child care centre, rehabilitation centre , hostel for needy person

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